Side Projects

Sometimes the mind of a creative person doesn't know how to stop the birth of ideas that seem to surface out of inspiration, and other times out of chaos. 

It does not matter how these ideas turned out to be at the end, they just want to be out there in the world.  

This section will show any projects that might not be directly tied to our main works of art but are still part of who we are as artists and that directly or indirectly nurture our artistic journey. 

Tag, you’re it! A story for all ages…

By Kimberly Berberena (Author)

Format:Kindle Edition (Digital) or Paperback

Language: English

In a tale of unexpected friendship and magic, a kitten discovers a playful companion, with a mystery. Their initial meeting turns into a whimsical promise to meet again. With big reveals and new found happiness. The kitten is greeted with laughter and celebration of love and play among the clouds.