About us

After getting to know each other at Escuela de Artes Plásticas y Diseño de Puerto Rico where they studied art for a couple of years, Jason and Kimberly quickly fell in love and got married at a young age. And thus, they embark on that great adventure called “Life”. 

However, although they achieved a certain level of success away from the art world, something seemed to be missing in their life. At some point, they had forgotten that art was their passion, their calling, and being away from it left them feeling empty.  

Now living in Puerto Rico they reconnected with their purpose in enjoying their time with their family and friends, exploring the island to its fullest, and living a meaningful life through art. 

That’s how “Kreation Artzone” was born, out of their need to have a space where they could share their art with others, and have fun together doing so. 

From Kimberly’s unique art style of finding beauty and harmony in the combination of  geometrical designs and organic shapes to Jason’s exploration of the human psyche through a surrealist art style, you will definitely find enjoyment in the variety that these two artists bring to the table.