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Manipulation - 2024

Manipulation - 2024

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In my quest to explore my experience in adulthood, more specifically in the process of adulting and all this realization of life you go through. One of the topics I realized from past experience was… manipulation. the action to handle or control something in a skillful manner. In the context of technical bonsai, manipulation involves the intentional and skillful shaping of the miniature tree to achieve specific aesthetic or horticultural goals.
In a human context, manipulation through space restrictions might occur in situations where external factors, such as societal norms, limited opportunities, or personal circumstances, give the illusion of constraints that influence an individual’s growth or potential. For instance, systemic barriers or societal expectations could limit someone’s career choices or personal development. It’s essential to differentiate between constructive influences that guide personal growth and manipulative practices that unfairly restrict someone’s opportunities or hinder their natural progression.

• Dimensions: 16” x 20”
• Medium: Acrylic Paints / Oil Based Metallic Paint
• Support: Canvas
•Year: 2024

Certificate of Authenticity

Together with your artwork, you will receive a certificate of authenticity with the artist’s signature and a serial number unique to the artwork, which will prove that your artwork is an original piece of art not found anywhere else.

Framed Artwork 

All original artwork will be framed once purchased. Each frame is handcrafted from scratch by us (Kreation Artzone). Frames are made of pine wood, in a floating frame style with 1 3/8 inches thickness and a matte black finish. The painting will come with hanging hardware attached.


We do our best to ensure that our photos are as true to the original painting as possible. We use a third party application to help us create mockups so you have an idea of how the painting will look in a space. Screen images are intended as a guide only.

The artist will retain all rights to use photos, digital copies, and/or videos of the original artwork or its creation process, for marketing purposes, art portfolios, website, online shop, merchandise, exhibitions, shows, or however the artist, or what is the same, Kreation Artzone, see pertinent. The artist retains all copyrights of the artwork.

This piece is an original painting by Kimberly Berberena. In order to ensure you enjoy it for years and years to come, we take the necessary time to personally pack this piece of art, so it travels safely to its new home. Thank you for making thoughtful purchasing decisions!

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